Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My GAFE Auckland Summit Ignite presentation 2018

Today I had the honour of presenting an IGNITE session at the GAFE summit.  I was a bit nervous but excited to be presenting in front of like minded educators and people from around the country and the world.

I shared my inquiry from 2017 and hoped that the audience learnt a bit about my journey.  I felt the opportunity to present allowed me to grow more confident in role as a COL teacher.

Friday, 13 April 2018

A visit from our Canadian friends

Today we had a visit from Wayne Poncia, who is the Chief Product Officer at Hapara, and a group of teachers from Canada who were interested in connecting with our school to develop a Global science action project.  In 2010, Hapara started right here in our Manaiakalani cluster and so we felt excited about developing a relationship that was innovative and collaborative.

We talked about the initial stages of collaborating on a project that essentially would see our students connecting to solve real world 'wicked' problems with groups of students from schools in Canada, the U.S and other countries.  We brainstormed what this could looked like and put together a few ideas that we would go away and work on.  We then took our visitors around the school and they saw how engaged our students were in their learning using teacher dashboard and workspace.  Many of our teachers use Hapara workspace as their teaching and learning tool.  At the end of the visit, our guests left feeling positive and looking forward to connecting and collaborating more with our students in the future.

Hinerau Anderson shows our visitors how she uses dashboard

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