Friday, 25 May 2018

The Big Picture - A reflection

I have been thinking about my role as an across school COL teacher and have put together 'The Big Picture' diagram which  shows all of the different areas of the school that I have been working in.

When I was trying to figure out what was important to address, with regards to raising the achievement of boys writing,  I felt I needed to support and work across three main areas:  Students, Teachers and Parents.  In my attempts to focus on each aspect of the process, I am finding it takes up much of my time and I am spending less time focussed on the kids in my classroom.  Don't get me wrong, my students are well on track to achieve success for the effort that 'we' have put in.  I just feel disconnected from the goings on in their lives at times, and this frustrates me. 

My next steps is to find time to meet with my COL leader Russell and our experts of Inquiry Rebecca and Aaron, to figure out where to go from here!

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