Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Inquiry Blog #4: Collecting evidence and data

Begin to collect evidence and data and come to the next session ready to share your preliminary findings about the nature and extent of the student challenge i.e. using your baseline student data and evidence.

To ensure that we are 'identifying, checking, prioritising and investigating the nature of the student achievement issue', we need to develop a 'rich picture with a high degree of reliability and specificity'.  

The image above shows the evidence that I hope to collected.  I have already started to collect evidence below.

  • PAT blog post - TBC (to be completed)
  • Asttle results blog post here and one more to come
  • STAR data blog post -TBC
Literacy Background:
  • Strengths, weaknesses and gaps blogpost (looking more closely at the data)- TBC
  • Different contexts - (discussions with other teachers and Marc) - TBC
  • Outside the classroom (student voice survey) - TBC
Behaviours, Attitudes and beliefs
  • Student voice survey - survey completed, data analysis needed - TBC
  • Teacher observations - one blog post here and another TBC
  • Class discussions - blog post TBC
Teacher observations
  • Recordings of student interactions - one blog post here and another TBC
  • Engagement - one blog post here (action vs inaction) and another TBC
Student voice
  • Student voice surveys - completed, blog post TBC
  • Focus groups - TBC
Things to remember:
Other data may / may not support standardised test results, particularly if results are surprising. Other sources include teacher homework, teacher observations, other tests, discussions with students. If other sources do not match, seek to understand why. E.g., students perform worse under timed test conditions, and need support in learning to work under time pressure

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