Friday, 3 February 2017

Day 2: Full on Thursday!

It's now Friday because yesterday it was so full on, I didn't get to blog...not that I didn't want to, I just couldn't get my fingers on the keyboard I was so buggered!

Period 1 was our project leaders meeting and although we are a small group, we feel we are leaders of change in our school.  It is an empowering position to be in.  We set our goals for the years and I explained to them how the weeks would look once the kids projects started and when they needed to check in with the kids - Tuesday's for the physical check in and Thursday's for our blogging checks.

Period 2, I met my gorgeous year 9's - ohhh the joy of seeing their lovely faces!  

I met my huge level 3 sos class by doing an experiment with them.  I left them waiting outside for 5 minutes to ensure they got there on time.  Two boys were waiting near the door, but I explicitly said only the girls could come in.  I ignored the boys who were whispering 'oh miss', the girls just smiled or joked at them as they walked past them into the class.  As i locked them out, I told the girls that I was the president of the class and I will choose who was allowed in class and today I don't want the boys because they are too distracting.  Some of the girls applauded, others laughed but the majority just stared at me, kind of glassie eyed.  After 5 minutes, they realised I wasn't joking and a few commented saying 'miss it's hot outside, can they come in?' or 'it's not funny now miss'.  I then asked them 'shall I let them in' and many said 'nahhhh', but one of two exclaimed 'oh these two are alright, they're not like normal boys'.  I then opened the door and the girls watched the two boys walking in with their heads down, saying 'sad miss'.  I then asked them how they felt.  One of the boys Junior said 'normal' then everyone laughed but the other boy Ben, said he felt stink and left out.  I then told them that what I did is much like what is happening in a country that wouldn't let certain people in because they were different.  That started our conversation over the new America, a great way to hook them in!  I hope they come back!

After school was our first COL's meeting which I was really excited about the opportunity to network with staff in our cluster.  Russell plied us lollies, rockmelon & cans of coke to sweeten the afternoon and boy did we need it!  Being a COL is so exciting and I left feeling supported and ready to take on the world!

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