Saturday, 25 February 2017

Updates on my inquiry

My COL's inquiry is how to plan and implement an integrated cross-curricula programme at year 9 to lift the achievement of boys’ writing.

One of our department goals this year is to collaborate, create and implement an integrated future focussed unit at year 9.  This is linked directly to our schools goal of 'working across departments in Year 9 on an integrated unit of work with a community focus or context'.  I have chosen this as my inquiry as I am really hoping to engage our year 9's in interesting and relevant contexts across curriculum areas.

Over the past year, I have been gathering evidence, engaging in professional development and attempting to put together a template for our learning environment.  We have an established 'old school junior curriculum' where departments are generally working in silos and the challenge has been to change the status quo and work more purposely across curriculum areas.  

There are many faucets to the planning and implementing of this change.  Trying to apply a cross-curriculum has been challenging particular with subject areas used to being silo's, however the dialogue between departments have helped to create conversations and a review of our teaching and learning pedagogies.

One of the key documents that I have found useful combines student inquiry with curriculum integration was Sally Boyd and Rose Hopkins study of schools who've adopted varying approaches to inquiry and integration.  They have also been part of a recent report on supporting future-oriented learning and teaching with a New Zealand perspective that looks at what 21st century teaching and learning could look like in schools.   These documents have been useful in looking at the wider implications of a systematic approach to teaching and learning.

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