Monday, 19 February 2018

Language in Abundance - Take 2.

Today we have had the privilege of listening to Dr Jannie van Hees.  This is the second time in the last fortnight that I have heard Dr van Hees speak about 'Language in Abundance' and each time, I have heard something new that has resonated with me and challenge my thinking.

The issue that is facing many of our kids is that if they haven't got language, they can't carry concepts.

We want kids to 'Flourish' and part of it lies in understanding the brain (cognition) and concepts knowledge.  But a key component lies in the attitudes towards the learning.  When the learner loves language, this is difference making.  Self-esteem matters greatly.

Another key idea Dr Jannie shared was that if we as teachers are not paying attention to the learners paying attention, we can not recognise purposeful engagement.  Unless this is happening (photo) and we are optimising learning conditions, there is no learning happening.

Keep triggering the known to the new - all the times, different contexts (at least 3 times over to let it sit with the learners).  It has to all come together.

So what can we do help?  Help kids to scaffold themselves and the learner and amongst themselves and their peers - help them to be co-contributors to learning opportunities.  I have asked Dr Jannie if she could come to the college and help us build and implement strategies that can ensure our kids are getting 'language in abundance'.

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