Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Language in Abundance - creating a word wall

In our year 9 and 10 social studies classes, we are creating 'Word Walls' in a hope that our learners will see key words and concepts being used for understanding.  On these walls, we will have the key concept that we are learning and how we can say these words in our different languages so that we can see what they mean to the different ethnic groups in the classroom.

Some of the questions I have are:

  • How can we keep the word walls active and dynamic?
  • How can the students utilise these words walls?
  • How do we know that they work?

My thoughts around how to incorporate these 'words' into our lessons will start with what are important concepts that students need to use when understanding a context.  For the first year 9 unit, the concepts around sustainability have been important to find out what kids know and what they need to know.  

I am thinking about 'Important Tamaki Words' that are possibly shared across our subject areas and the possibility of find consistent, cross-applicable ideas and concepts that could help our learners achieve better.  At the moment we have our SOLO charts which has been a great way to assist our kids in knowing where they're at.  My possible next steps would be to collect information across each learning area to find out which words, ideas or concepts we can develop together.

Our SOLO charts found in every classroom.

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