Thursday, 1 March 2018

Year 9 and 10 E-asttle testing for Term 1

This week, our year 9 and 10 students have been completing their easttle tests in reading, writing and maths.  We have found that in the past, our students have not taken their tests seriously which has seriously affected many of their results.  To try and address this, we have identified ways to manage the process better.

One of them is to ensure that students know the importance of these tests.  In year level assemblies, Mr Dunn, our Deputy Principal of Curriculum, has reminded them on the purpose of the tests and how they should try their hardest so that we can support them in their learning.  Their Deans reinforce this through encouraging students to use our schools R.I.S.E values when sitting the tests.  The purpose of doing this is so that students can see these tests are not separate from their teaching and learning in classroom, which in past has created a barrier for students.

The staff have also been reminded about the importance of preparing our students mentally, for the tests.  In our staff briefing, Mr Dunn has talked about making sure our teachers encourage our students to bring the right equipment to the test and have the right attitude.  The thinking was that the more our kids hear about the tests in the classroom, the more they can connect the fact that these tests influence how teachers the teach to their learning.

On testing day, the environment for which our students have been sitting the tests is mirrored on external examination conditions.  This has worked in our favour to ensure that students know the seriousness of these tests and can prepare themselves better for when they are in year 11 and doing NCEA exams.  Subject teachers are active monitors of students in the exam environment and have supported Marc, our easttle adminstrator, in ensuring that the students are settled and working to their best.

Once the tests have been marked and moderated, the next step in the process is, as a teacher, to understand what the results say and develop a plan collectively to support students in their learning.  As an across school COL teacher,  I want to support teachers in this process, because I see the need in valuing these tests, which on a whole, will speak to where our learners and at.  And it is up to us, to get them to where they need to be.

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