Friday, 9 March 2018

Our Summer Blogging winners

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, our year 9's (who are now year 10's) had the opportunity to take part in the Summer Blogging Journey programme.    This programme encouraged students to continue learning over the holiday break through reflecting and constructing blog posts, as evidence in the past has shown that "the summer slump impacts children's learning ability as they are out of the classroom and school lessons during the holidays".   Over the holidays our school library and marae were open for students who wanted a place to write and read.

There were 5 students who were awarded certificates and prizes for their efforts.  Leopote Aholelei had a particular role as a 'blog commentator' who read and supported students on their blogs.  There were 3 prizewinners from each school and they were acknowledged in a recent assembly for their efforts - well done to all who'd participated in the summer blogging journey.

1st Place:   Seniola Tupou
2nd Place:  Rowana Tui
3rd Place:   Sam Liu

Our Summer Bloggers:  Leopote Aholelei, Heilala Makasini, Ashley Munu, Sam Liu, Rowana Tui and Seniola Tupou.

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