Thursday, 15 March 2018

Catching up with my COL team

As a COL leader, I am privileged to work with lots of different teachers from different curriculum areas through our shared collaborative inquiries.  There aren't many chances to collaborate and hear from other colleagues in the school so I am grateful for this opportunity to hear different voices.

During our staff meeting, our COL leaders got together with their groups.  In my group, I have my department plus 6 other staff from different areas.  It was interesting hearing where everyone was at with their inquiries and blogs.  Some were well into their blogs and others were at the very start.  We shared what inquiries people were interested in doing, then used the framework from Hinerau's to use as part of their first blogs

After the meeting,  I caught up with two teachers who had been away and explained to them the purpose of our meeting.  From this, I decided to create a Google + community page as a way of keeping in touch with my team and sharing resources.  I'm looking forward to working with my team this year and hope their inquiries will be valuable to their growth as a teacher.

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