Sunday, 26 April 2020

Online Teaching and Learning #3: Week 2, Term 2: Making the new 'normal'

This week has been the first full week of online teaching for our us and looking back, I've found it's been easier and easier to get used.  Going into a hangout has been a joy and when students join in, I get a buzz and feel excited to connect with them.

On Monday, I had my year 9’s.  I decided to have a break from project work until I could sort out how to do group work online properly.  We started with a Kahoot to warm the class up and it was awesome to see one of our mums jump on and give it a go!
Mum joins in and even wins a round or two!
During a double period with my year 12’s I could see that I wasn’t getting the same consistent kids as last week so I decided to record myself going through the internal assessment with the help of the kids who did come to class as a live audience.  It was helpful to have a few kids on so they could let me know if I was going to fast or if there was something they need clarification on.  I could see this being useful in the long run for those kids who weren’t able to get online at it during lockdown.  

Week 2 was a good week to get settled and into some sort of routine. I enjoyed catching up with my department both in our own meetings and in their classes.  It’s nice to know that we are sharing this new journey together.  Bring on week 3!

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