Monday, 27 April 2020

TAI2020 WFRC #4: Collecting evidence and data

Inquiry task #4: 

My task is to begin to collect evidence and data and come to the next session ready to share your preliminary findings about the nature and extent of the student challenge i.e. using your baseline student data and evidencexpert observations.

DATA: I have looked and attempted to analyse PAT and e-asttle writing data to see what the gaps and strengths were of the learners in the class.  This will help me identifying who the students and what strategies I need to support their learning.

VIDEO evidence of groups collaborating: Before the lockdown, I had gathered lots of video observations and made teacher observations of students as they planned and worked in their project groups.

As I get to the know the students, I am able to identify what capabilities they have and those they lack.  I am also able to link their capabilities to the data I have collected.  

Teacher discussions and observations of the students in our classroom by an expert:  I have had a number of meetings with Dr Jannie about her observations of the dynamics of the class and she has provided me with some good next steps as to where to next with my inquiry.

Still to add to this blogpost are the following pieces of evidence: 
Baseline writing data:  I will be sharing blog posts that the students' have written as an initial writing task as the first time point and will discuss with Dr Jannie how to analyse the information well.

Student voice (survey and focus groups):  I have sent out a survey recently that will provide feedback as to their thoughts of collaborative learning.

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